No Dodger Blues on this Day

In fact, it was the exact opposite.  It was a thrilling site today at Chavez Ravine.  The Dodgers kicked off the 2013 season in winning fashion in front of fans that were there from the very beginning to the very end.  A site that was not often seen in the past.  It was obvious that Dodger Fans are exciting about their new ownership team and their new players.  There was one player in particular that gave any baseball fan (besides Giant fans) something to be exciting about.  Clayton Kershaw stole the show once again on opening day.  Now in three Opending day starts, Kershaw has given up zero earned runs.  Oh, and he also has a home run.  Today’s performance brought me to my feet in the quiet of my own home.  For starters, kudos to Donnie Baseball for letting Kershaw go up there and lead off the bottom of the 8th in a scoreless ball game.  There are so many times in the National League, where the pitcher is throwing a gem and is pulled for a pinch hitter.  Not on this day though.  Not on April 1st, 2013.  And no, this was no April Fool’s Joke.  Kershaw dug into the batter’s box, set his sights on one spot, one pitch, and swung with all his might.  Somehow, someway, Kershaw deposited the ball over the center field fence over 400 feet away.  He rounded the bases faster than ever with the biggest grin on his face.  He brought Dodger Stadium to their feet for a few minutes which included a curtain call.  He not only put his ball club in the lead with one swing, he also jump started the club leading to a 4 spot in the 8th inning.  Kershaw came out in the ninth to finish what he started.  It was an epic performance.  It was one of the best all around performances by one individual in my lifetime.  Now lets all stand up and join Tim Wallach, in giving Kershaw a hand.

Third Base Coach Tim Wallach Congratulates Clayton Kershaw on his go ahead home run.

Third Base Coach Tim Wallach congratulates Clayton Kershaw on his go ahead home run.


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